2010 Seminar Biodiversity and the Law: Building blocks for life

Managing natural resources in South Australia.  To what extent does the Natural Resources Management Act (SA) 2004 benefit the conservation of biodiversity?
Sarah Avey, Solicitor, DWLBC

The NRM Act from a practical perspective
Vicki-Jo Russell

Biodiversity & The Law
Felicity Niemann, Solicitor Norman Waterhouse

The marine environment: Does the Marine Parks Act (SA) 2007 facilitate marine biodiversity? Do we need an Oceans Act federally?
Ruth Beach, Solicitor, Environmental Defenders Office (SA) Inc

How does the Native Vegetation Act (SA) 1991 operate in practice? Can biodiversity be protected in fire prone regions?
Craig Whisson, Native Vegetation Council

Does the Native Vegetation Act (SA) 1991 protect biodiversity? Is there a better alternative?
Mark Parnell, Greens MLC

Native Vegetation Offsets: Are they a viable option?
Brendan Grigg, Lecturer, Flinders University

Planning for biodiversity: A critical analysis of biodiversity and planning law in South Australia.
Paul Leadbeter, Senior Lecturer, University of Adelaide

Impacts on Biodiversity at a national level: a consideration of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act and the recent reviews.
Rob Fowler, Adjunct Professor, University of South Australia

Biodiversity and Wild Law: should plants and animals have legal rights?
Peter Burdon, PhD Student, University of Adelaide, School of Law

A Biodiversity Protection Act for South Australia? Is legal reform needed?
Chris Reynolds