2012 Seminar on Site Contamination and the Law

Are human health and the environment protected?

Site contamination is a serious concern at an international, national and local level. The leaking of chemicals and other noxious substances locally such as at Port Pirie and Edwardstown emphasise the potential environmental and human health impacts inherent in site contamination. Despite this there is no international convention and Australia does not have a streamlined or uniform approach on this important issue. This seminar considered the laws which currently apply and in particular whether assessment and remediation requirements adequately protect South Australians and their environment. The issue of community participation was also considered including whether the public has sufficient access to information concerning new and existing contaminated sites.

M Ballantyne Community Engagement and Site Contamination

K Reznikov Site Contamination - the legal position in SA

K Bubna-Litic and W Van Deur Site Contamination National and International Regime