EDO Funding

All Federal funding to EDOs has been cut to zero

In spite of this setback, EDO SA fights on and continues to help the SA community protect our environment. Thanks to recent generous support from the Law Foundation of SA, Flinders University and the community, EDO SA is now able to remain open beyond 30th June. EDO SA is here to stay and here to help you and your local community protect our environment for this generation and future generations. It’s challenging and it’s tough – but it is worth it and we can do it.

For 22 years we have been a strong voice for the community, providing affordable expert legal services. To continue, we need your ongoing support today. Your gift will ensure that we can help the next community that faces a legal battle to protect our environment.

Your donation will help us to continue to defend our magical South Australian environment against unsustainable development and exploitation. Thank you for your valuable contribution.

Three things you can do to help us today - please:

Click to DONATE online at our GiveNow page to allow us to continue our vital services;

SPREAD THE WORD through your networks, share our Facebook page, get in touch with your local media; and,

WRITE to Senator Brandis in support of the EDO. Have your say with a direct email, letter or phone call. Contact details here

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