Request For Legal Advice

The Environmental Defenders Office (SA) Inc. is a community legal centre specialising in environmental law.  An individual’s or community group’s request for legal advice must meet some basic requirements. 

We will consider providing legal advice, if appropriate and achievable within our resource capacity. We have very limited capacity to provide legal representation in court. Before completing these questions, please check whether one of our fact sheets or information guides provides the information that you need.

If you think your request is outside of our guidelines, you can download our referral sheet with details of private solicitors with an expertise in environment and planning law.

If you need the EDO(SA)’s legal assistance, please complete this online form. 

00 366 424

Note: All information will be treated in confidence. However, appropriate details of our cases and clients may be disclosed to the EDO’s Management Committee on a confidential basis.

Please note that, due to the Federal Government removing all Federal funding support from EDO(SA), we must now seek alternative funding sources.

By ticking this box, you acknowledge and agree to the following: 1. I am seeking free legal advice from the EDO(SA) Advisory Service (the Service). 2. The Service will provide me with 60 minutes free legal advice. 3. The 30 minutes free legal advice will be provided by volunteer lawyers. 4. EDO(SA) will charge me a $55 administration fee to fund the administration of the Service. 5. The administration fee is not a fee for legal services. 6. I will pay the $55 administration fee to EDO(SA) prior to my appointment with the Service. 7. Upon payment of the administration fee, EDO(SA) will provide me with a receipt for the administration fee. 8. EDO(SA) reserves the right to cancel my appointment for free legal advice if I fail to pay the $55 administration fee prior to my appointment with the Service.